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Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
August 13, 2004, Meeting

The Friday, 13 August 2004, meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter of the CASSAR was held in the library of the Berylwood Officers Club, being called to order by Chapter President J. Stephen Hurst. Following the pledge and the invocation, members adjourned to the buffet. In attendance were six compatriots: President J. Stephen Hurst, Ron Risley, Joe Coffman, Richard Hawley, Frank Budroe and Robert Taylor; and two guests, Rosemarie Risley and Willette Budroe. President Hurst reconvened the meeting following the buffet luncheon.

Compatriot Donald Steele Wooldridge sadly passed away 30 July 2004 following abdominal surgery, and a eulogy was read in his honor by compatriot Ron Risley. It was duly remembered Don’s enthusiasm and desire to participate, and his volunteering to be Chapter Treasurer, which had not been completed at the time of his passing. His presence will be sorely missed.

Awards announced in last month’s minutes were awarded, as follows:

Compatriot Richard Hawley – silver Good Citizenship award
President J. Stephen Hurst – bronze Good Citizenship award
Compatriot Robert Taylor – Outstanding Citizenship award
Compatriot Don Wooldridge – posthumous Outstanding Citizenship award
Compatriots Joe Coffman, Ron Risley, John Bayles and Frank Budroe – distinguished service awards

Awards ready for presentation include:

Oxnard Police Chief Art Lopez – Law Enforcement Commendation
Historian/restorer Steve Schleder – bronze Good Citizenship award
DAR regent/ex-Ventura mayor Pati Longo – Medal of Appreciation

The Fire Safety Medal was recommended and approved for Mike Lavery, the new Ventura city Fire Chief.

The minutes for 9 July 2004 were distributed and approved as read. Minutes had previously been distributed to all compatriots with e-mail access.

The Treasurer’s report was distributed and accepted with no changes.

The Registrar’s report was presented and approved as written.

James Cary, Jr., has now submitted his membership application on another patriot ancestor, Henry Bailey of Virginia, instead of his earlier submitted application of several months ago on patriot ancestor Eliphinston Cary of Virginia, which did not satisfactorily link a generation.

Jim Shepherd of San Diego has a supplemental application submitted to national for patriot ancestor John Bosley of Pennsylvania. This application has been at national for in excess of nine months.
President Steve Hurst has submitted a supplemental application on patriot ancestor Jeremiah York of Virginia.

President Hurst visited the Sons of the Revolution library, and recommended its use. The librarian, Ann Coe, is very helpful and the library has many resources. The library requires a military ancestor to become a Friend of the Library ($10), with copies of resource pages being 15 vice 25 cents per page. President Hurst also noted the LA public library has access to Heritage Quest resources.

The Chaplain reported he had sent a sympathy card to compatriot Wooldridge’s family.

Old Business:

The $100 donation by compatriot Richard Caldwell, reported in the 12 Mar 2004 minutes, was honored by inclusion in the Benefactors Section of the program booklet at the Children of the American Revolution meeting 30-31 July 2004 at Las Vegas.

New Business:

Replacement wreaths for Memorial Day commemorations were obtained by Rosemarie Risley for $15.02 (sale). The old wreaths were noted to be ratty-looking. It was approved to reimburse Mrs. Risley.

The California Knight’s Essay Contest winner, Benjamin Dykstra, was awarded second place at the National Knight’s Essay Contest.

The fall CASSAR Managers meeting will be conducted 5, 6 Nov 2004 at Monterey, CA.

Chapter color guard has been invited to participate in the Camp Jeep festivities 19-21 Aug 2004 at the CL Ranch in Los Alamos, sponsored by Jeep. Since the Santa Barbara Chapter should request our support, which has not been forthcoming, it was recommended we extend our regrets. President Hurst will provide.

Compatriot Richard Hawley has volunteered to provide a report on his visit to Saratoga Battle Site for the joint meeting, tentatively scheduled for Oct, pending agreement with the DAR. Alan Buckley is scheduled for the Sep meeting.

The Chapter program was a presentation by compatriot Robert Taylor on his ancestor, Michael O’Hair, who emigrated from Ireland in 1761 and participated in the Saratoga Battle with Morgan’s Rifle Regiment, and in Kentucky with Gen Geo Rogers Clark’s dismounted Cavalry against the Indians. A description of frontier life was also provided.

The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and Benediction.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Taylor, Chapter Secretary.