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Sons of the American Revolution
Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
February 11, 2005, Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 11 February 2005, in the small upstairs dining room of the Berylwood Officers Club. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President Richard Hawley. Following the pledge and invocation the members adjourned to the buffet. In attendance were seven compatriots: President Richard Hawley, J. Stephen Hurst, Joe Coffman, Ron Risley, Richard Caldwell, Frank Budroe and Robert Colbern; honored guest retired Oxnard police Chief Art Lopez; and two guests, Mr. Bill Henry and Mrs. Rosemarie Risley. President Hawley reconvened the meeting following the luncheon.

Reports were given by the following officers:

    1. Treasurer Caldwell presented the financial report which was accepted and filed. Treasurer Caldwell suggested raising the price of lunch to $11 or $12 to generate additional chapter funds, and to transfer the chapter financial assets to another bank offering higher yields; both measures were accepted to be taken under advisement for next month’s meeting. Due to the lunch price being raised by the Officers Club to $10.95, the motion to raise the member cost for lunch to $12 was resurrected and passed. A copy of the 2004 annual report was given to Treasurer Caldwell by compatriot Risley.
    2. Secretary Taylor presented the minutes for the meeting of 14 January 2005 which were read and approved.
    3. Registrar Risley gave the registrar’s report. Compatriot Hamilton has recently had surgery and is recovering at home. It was suggested cell phone numbers be added to the chapter roster, and a copy of the roster was given to President Hawley. Both Compatriot Steve Hurst and Jim Shepherd’s supplemental applications have been approved by NSSAR; Steve for Elijah Athey, and Jim for Daniel Kelly. The application for Rev. DeWitt is being processed. Prospective member Bill Henry’s application for his Vermont ancestor is being prepared, and has several other qualifying ancestors. Prospective member Mark Drury has a sister who is a member of DAR, and needs his birth certificate and parent’s marriage license to complete his application.
    4. Chaplain Budroe had no information to report, due to his sister’s funeral.

A drawing was held to award a valentine box of candy, which was won by Compatriot Taylor.

After introductory remarks by President Hawley, the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal was presented to recently retired Oxnard Police Chief Art Lopez. Retired Chief Lopez spent 28 years in the LA Police Department, rising to Deputy Chief. During his 6 year tenure with Oxnard, he saw a 25% drop in crime, instituted liaison officers in schools, the youth academy, the mobile force, and pushed for the gang injunction recently implemented in Oxnard.

Old Business:

Compatriot Hurst reported that the winner for the Knight Essay Contest must be determined by 15 February. Of the two inputs received, one did not have the required biographical page. Compatriot Budroe volunteered to count the words in the other input to ensure it contains the required 750 to 1000 words.

Compatriot Hurst reported he had received an application from the interested teacher for the Valley Forge Contest. Each chapter can nominate one teacher towards the two available slots, for which CASSAR spends approximately $3,000 per teacher. Each teacher earns graduation credits for the visit, which is sponsored by the Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge.

Compatriot Hurst reported out on the CBC ceremonial brick for the CBC Heritage Park. He has been unable to contact anyone associated with the project to complete the transaction.

Compatriot Rev. Leonard DeWitt has been accepted as an associate member pending NSSAR approval of his line proven to Henry Gibson of Pennsylvania. Because of his absence due to graveside services, Compatriot Coffman accepted his certificate for presentation. Compatriot Bill Henry also paid his fees to become an associate member.

New Business:

Compatriot Risley announced the 23rd George Washington Massing of the Colors to be held at 3 PM 20 February at Forest Lawn in LA, sponsored by the Sons of Liberty Chapter SAR. Compatriots Hurst, Risley, Budroe, Buckley and Taylor will attend.

Compatriot Bill Henry, interested in military history since 7 December 1941, presented an interesting talk on his recommended man of the century for Time Magazine, Gen. George Catlett Marshall, which was not even acknowledged by the magazine.

The next regular Chapter meeting will be convened at Noon on Friday, 11 March 2005.

The meeting was adjourned following the benediction.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Taylor, Chapter Secretary.