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Sons of the American Revolution
Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
September 9, 2005, Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 9 September 2005, in the Garden Room of the Ventura Marie Calender’s restaurant on Victoria Ave. The meeting was called to order by Chapter vice president Steve Hurst, due to President Richard Hawley’s absence. The invocation and pledges to the flag and SAR were given. In attendance were five compatriots: J. Stephen Hurst, Joe Coffman, Dick Caldwell, Bill Henry, and Robert Taylor; and one guest, Mrs. Patty Coffman. Steve then called for officer and committee reports.

The minutes of the meeting for 12 August 2005 were distributed, and accepted.

The treasurer’s report was distributed, and approved. Dick Caldwell expressed a desire to convert the chapter’s finances from a CD to a 3.2% Moneymarket account, and requested two volunteers as co-signers. Ron Risley (in absentia) and Joe Coffman volunteered.

The registrar’s report was read. Charles Ward, Apple Valley, CA, has submitted his application, based on his ancestor, Artemis Ward. James Shepherd has submitted a supplemental application. Five supplemental applications for Bill Henry have been approved, while a sixth required additional information, which was submitted. The certificate for associate member Richard James McMullen, Woodland Hills, was mailed to him. The approved supplemental certificates were presented to Bill Henry.

The chaplain’s report was presented. Ron Risley is in much pain, and is scheduled for surgery today to remove the kidney stone.

The meeting was suspended 1223 to 1244 for lunch.

Old Business:

The Boy Scout committee reported four eagle scout honorees will receive their SAR awards during a Court of Honor at the LDS church in Simi 8 October.

The Knight Essay contest was discussed, and a request was made for a Chairman volunteer. Bill Henry has agreed to serve as public relations.

The annual selection of a middle or high school teacher to attend Valley Forge was discussed, and Dick Caldwell agreed to serve as chairman of the committee. Question as to the eligibility of a private school teacher was answered in the affirmative.

New Business:

Steve Hurst reported for the nominating committee the slate of new officers is due by the October meeting, in order to support voting and investiture at the December meeting. Steve will e-mail the membership for volunteers to serve.

The secretary was requested to send Ron Risley a get-well card.

The joint meeting with the DAR will be held at 1100, 22 September, at Carrow’s on Seaward, Ventura. The SAR Daughter of Liberty award was approved and will be presented to Lorraine Snyder at the luncheon. Six members and wives will attend.

The CASSAR meeting is scheduled for the first week in November in San Diego; Ron Risley and Steve Hurst to attend.

Due to the reorganization of the Camarillo schools, there will be two additional schools available for the Spirit of America awards next spring.

The program was a panel discussion on the naval history of the Revolutionary War, beginning with an introduction by Robert Taylor, who also presented a presentation on John Paul Jones provided by Hale Hamilton, who was forced to be absent. Joe Coffman then provided a presentation on American privateers, followed by Robert Taylor’s presentation on the French navy contributions.

The next regular Chapter meeting will be convened at Noon on Friday, 14 October 2005, at Marie Calenders.

The program for next month will be presented by Alan Buckley, and will be an examination of European diplomacy concerning the American Revolution.

The meeting was adjourned at 1345 following the benediction.

Respectfully submitted

Robert Taylor, Chapter Secretary.