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Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
July 13, 2007, Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 13 July 2007, in the Garden Room of Marie Callender’s restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President Bill Henry. The invocation was given by Compatriot Gary Smith, followed by the pledge to the Flag and the pledge to the SAR. In attendance were nine compatriots: President Bill Henry, Ron Risley, Ward White, Richard Caldwell, Steve Hurst, Gary Smith, Dick McMullen, Frank Budroe, and Bob Taylor; and five guests: guest speaker Mrs. Lara Godbille, Director of the SeaBee Museum, Mrs. Sunny McMullen, Mrs. Bernie Smith, Mrs. Willette Budroe, and Mrs. Rosemarie Risley.

Business Meeting: The following reports were presented:

Due to an increase in the restaurant menu prices, the luncheon prices have been raised to $15 for the entrée, and an additional $1 for dessert.

The minutes for the meeting of 8 June 2007 were presented by Secretary Robert Taylor. Corrections presented included Compatriot Taylor being on an LPD rather than an aircraft carrier, President Henry rather than Compatriot White introduced the speaker, and Compatriot Smith was identified as Cary rather than Gary under item b. in New Business. It was moved and approved to accept the corrected report.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Richard Caldwell. There is a total of $11,141.41 currently on deposit at the Bank of America ($8,175.63 in endowments, $1,509.75 in savings, and $1,456.03 in checking). It was moved and approved to accept the report.

The registrar’s report was presented by Registrar Ron Risley. The membership application for Burt Jacobs was approved by NSSAR 30 May 2007; National #169492. The memorial membership application for Eric Hurst is pending, while the youth registration application for Nathan Huynh was submitted to NSSAR 3 May 2007 and is currently pending. The membership applications for Col. James M. Williams and his son, James L. Williams, were received at NSSAR 25 June 2007, and are currently pending. The youth registration application for Gavin J. Williams was received at NSSAR 25 June 2007, and is pending. It was moved and approved to accept the report.

The chaplain’s report was presented by Chaplain Gary Smith, who noted that a photo of Mike Leonard is included in the current NSSAR magazine.

The publicist report was presented by Vice President and Publicist Ward White. He met with the restaurant regarding the increase in menu prices, with the result reported above. The Ventura County Star has asked for photos to accompany our press releases, and the chapter’s plans for the 4th of July Independence Day celebrations. It was noted that there is no in-depth coverage of the chapter in the CASSAR periodic documents.

The revised chapter by-laws were presented to the chapter by President Bill Henry for acceptance by the chapter membership, having been distributed via e-mail. Only essential committees will be activated. The motion was made and approved to accept the revised chapter by-laws.

For the financial affairs committee, Treasurer Richard Caldwell presented a proposed operating expenses budget for CY 2007. Much discussion ensued. It was moved to accept the proposal with the stipulation for further discussion; motion was passed.

The Eagle Scout Committee report was given by Compatriot Risley. Compatriot Dick Hawley has volunteered to chair the committee. No new eagle scout honorees are pending. The efficacy of the program was discussed. It was noted that it currently covers only the scouting programs in Simi and Newbury Park, and several proposals to recognize the leaders of the scouting program were presented. It was suggested the present program approach be evaluated, and President Henry agreed to discuss this with Compatriot Hawley.

Knight Essay Contest: President Henry noted the lack of information concerning the results of the contest at NSSAR, where our chapter candidate represented CASSAR as the state winner.

Old Business: Compatriot Taylor reported on his presentation of the Spirit of America awards at the Los Primeros Structured School in Camarillo.

New Business:

President Henry announced that MGen. Henry Knox, artillery chief for Gen. George Washington and founder of the Society of Cincinnati, will be our speaker for next month’s program.

Treasurer Caldwell presented a proposal as a result of his research to maximize the interest earnings for the chapters funds. To move the resources at this time would entail a loss of interest in the two CD accounts due to early closing penalties. It was decided to leave the CDs in the Bank of America until they mature, then transfer them to the new institution. Fidelity is currently being investigated as the receiving financial institution, and would provide better interest rates on the checking and saving accounts.
Compatriot Frank Budroe received an expression of thanks for the ROTC award presented to Naval ROTC Midshipman Kim Huynh by Compatriot Hurst. Compatriot Budroe described the award as a cooperative effort, with Compatriot Risley providing the certificates, Compatriot Budroe purchasing the shadow boxes, and his wife, Willette, making the award, which is a sword in the shadow box. The shadow boxes are a $500 to $600 yearly expense for Compatriot Budroe. Several universities participate, and the Sons of Liberty also make an award.

Compatriot Steve Hurst reported on the reunion of the Goebel Family and his ancestor, Daniel Goebel. He discussed his participation and presentation of a talk about the DAR and SAR, and the need to keep history at the forefront of the people. Compatriot Hurst described the Goebel family DNA project, and Compatriot Risley discussed the value of DNA projects for genealogical research.

The chapter recessed for lunch and reconvened for the program.

Program: President Henry introduced Lara Godbille, Director of the SeaBee Museum at the Ventura County Navy Base, who presented the program “All About the SeaBee Museum”. The program traced the origins of the SeaBees from the origins of the Civil Engineer Corps in the 1880s, through the involvement of civil contractors in France during WW I, and the militarization of the civil engineers caught around the world during WW II. Adm. Ben Morrell is known as the father of the SeaBees, having drafted the civil engineers into the Navy in 1942. Ms. Godbille described the importance of Port Hueneme to the SeaBees, and described the origins of the museum as the repository for the many items brought back to the USA following WW II. The plans for the new museum were also described, and generated considerable discussion. She was presented with a SAR Certificate of Appreciation by President Henry.

Certificates of Membership and the oath were presented to Compatriot Taylor on behalf of new members and his sons, Loren and Brian Taylor, who were unable to attend.

The next meeting will be convened 10 August 2007, and the program will be “The Life of Patriot Henry Knox” as reenacted by Ron Risley.

The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and the benediction by Chaplain Gary Smith.

Respectfully submitted

Robert Taylor, Chapter Secretary.