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Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
8 February 2008 Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 8 February 2008, in the Garden Room of Marie Callenderís Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President Bill Henry with Compatriot Gary Smith giving the Invocation, followed by the Pledge to the Flag and the Pledge to the SAR. In attendance were eighteen compatriots: President Bill Henry, Vice President Ward White, Registrar Ron Risley, Treasurer Richard Caldwell, Past Presidents Richard Hawley, Steve Hurst and Hale Hamilton, Frank Budroe, Dick McMillen, Tom Shaw, Dennis Richardson, Bob Taylor, Gary Smith, and associate members Garland Middleton, Gilbert Anema, George Horne, Bill Hurley, and Ed Gafford. The eleven guests included our guest speaker, Mr. Bruce Sievers, Mr. Ken Lynch, Mr. Garl Satterthwaite, Mrs. Fran Henry, Mrs. Rosemarie Risley, Mrs. Bernie Smith, Mrs. Willette Budroe, Mrs. Sunny McMillen, Mrs. Shirley Hamilton, Mrs. Rosalee Middleton, and Mrs. Carol Gafford.

Reports: Reports were given by the following officers:

The Secretary Bob Taylor presented the minutes of the11 January chapter meeting, which were approved as presented.

The Treasurer Richard Caldwell presented the treasurerĎs report, which was approved as submitted.

The Registrar Ron Risley presented the registrarís report. Membership applications for Gil Anema, Bill Bays and William Hurley have been received by National SAR and are pending. The membership application for George Horne has been submitted to State SAR and is pending, while the membership applications for Leonard DeWitt, Edward Gafford and Garland Middleton require additional information and are pending. The application for new Associate Member Mark Collins (ancestor Benjamin Collins of Goffstown, NH) is pending. The supplemental ancestor applications for Ward White (ancestor Pvt. Elkanah Doane of CT) and James Williams (ancestor Joseph D. Ray of MD) have been received at National SAR and are pending, while the application for Bill Bays (ancestor Col. James Robertson of TN) is pending receipt of his national membership number.

Other reports presented included:

Chaplainís report by Gary Smith: he has received sympathy cards and is requesting inputs.

Recognition by Ward White: Ward is the Point of Contact for the Massing of the Colors 17 Feb. Volunteers for participation included Ron Risley, Frank Budroe, Gary Smith, Steve Hurst, and Bob Taylor. All are invited to attend this ceremony, which is quite a spectacle.

Law Enforcement: Sheriff Bob Brooks was nominated to receive the Law Enforcement Commendation medal; motion made and approved.

Spirit of America: The process for these awards was explained by Ron Risley, and the awards are made yearly in June.

Eagle Scout: Ron Risley, one of the three state judges, provided a report.

Knight Essay Contest: President Henry reported on status. No entries were received, compared to 6 last year (4 out of chapter jurisdiction). Publicity seems to be a problem.

Veterans/ROTC/JROTC: Nothing to report.

Children of SAR: The chapter has opening for a coordinator for publicity and support of their activities. Support for their convention was requested and a $25 donation was moved and approved.

Development: Ron Risley reported, and noted that George Horne brought two prospective members with him, both members of the Conejo Valley Genealogical Society. The website has been updated and a counter added. The website is also generating some requests for membership. However, due to advertising banners on the AOL server, alternate servers are being investigated. Under public relations, the Sea Scout program at Point Mugu has requested the chapterís support for their awards ceremony 9 Mar. Bob Taylor will present a bronze good citizenship medal to a nominee from the Trident PATRON 65 Sea Cadets, the older group, and an outstanding citizenship pin to a nominee from the TS Minutemen Navy League Cadet Corps, the younger group. This will be our first participation, and will be repeated March and September yearly. A volunteer for a chapter newsletter was requested.

Management and Budget: Ward White reported the budget report format has been revised. The bylaws and resolutions are now posted on the website, and compatriots are encouraged to print copies. A CPA or financial expert volunteer has been requested for the annual audit of the books.

Nominating: Nothing to report.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Program: Bill Henry introduced the guest speaker, James Joseph Bruce Sievers, an American in Love With His Country, who presented a thoroughly dynamic program of reciting his own unique and patriotic poetry in conjunction with his biography. The program was extremely well received, and he was presented with a certificate of thanks at the conclusion.

Closing: The next meeting will be held in the Garden Room at 11:30 a.m. Friday, 14 March 2008. The guest speaker will be Compatriot Steve Hurst, who will present a slide show of his catamaran voyage in the British Virgin Islands. A brochure for the Conejo Valley Genealogical Society seminar 10 May was distributed. Rosemarie Risley conducted a drawing for the annual Valentineís Day celebration, and three fortunate persons had their Valentineís Day obligations fulfilled. The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and the benediction by Chaplain Smith.

Respectfully submitted by,

Robert Taylor, Chapter Secretary.