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Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter

Minutes of the
11 July 2008 Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 11 July 2008, in the Garden Room of the Marie Callenderís Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President Bill Henry with Compatriot Gary Smith giving the invocation, followed by the pledge to the Flag and the pledge to the SAR. In attendance were twelve compatriots: President Bill Henry, Vice President Ward White, Registrar Ron Risley, Chaplain Gary Smith, Past Presidents Frank Budroe, Dick Hawley and Hale Hamilton, Bob Colbern, Bill Bays, Burt Jacobs, and associate members David Bosworth and Ken Lynch. The twenty guests included our honored guest speaker Captain Tom Morgenfeld, USN(Ret.), Al Sundstrom, Skip Dunham, Jerry Lemke, Jill Jarmin, Willette Budroe, Nils Rueckert, Paul Dougherty, Nicholas Koffroth, John Shutt, Charles Valentine, Gene OíNeal, Bob McDonough, Tom Varden, Nancy Jacobs, Rosemarie Risley, Elaine Colbern, Shirley Hamilton, Karen Bosworth and Bernie Smith.

Reports: Reports were given by the following officers:

Standing committee reports: Brief comments were made on reports from chairmen of the Recognition, Chapter Developement, Bylaws and Nominating Committees.

Additional reports: None

Old Business:

President Henry read a letter of thanks from District Headquarters that the chapter received for the Spirit of America Awards in the Pleasant Valley School District. New Business: Initiation of new members. President Bill Henry initiated new member David Bosworth, and presented a Supplemental Membership Certificate (Captain Baskins) to Gary J. Smith. Also, available for presentation and deferred for a later chapter meeting were new member certificates for George Horne and Youth Registrant Certificate for Nathan Huynh. In response to a request from Past President Steve Hurst, SAR Flag Certificates were prepared for Charles Clark and John Maclean, both of Ventura.

Program: President Henry introduced the guest speaker, Tom Morganfeld, Captain, USN (Retired), test pilot for the Navy and Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. Captain Morgenfeld shared his vast experience as a pilot of jet fighter aircraft. His slide presentation focused on his knowledge and experiences as the Lockheed Chief Test Pilot for the X-35 Program in the development of the X-35 Joint Fighter Aircraft (X-35A for the Air Force; X-35B for the Marine Corps; and the X-35C for the Navy). As this aircraft is the latest fighter to go into military operations, it was a most enlightening presentation. The design and capabilities of the aircraft are unbelievably advanced and concentrate on cost reduction of military aircraft procurement. It is rare that the public is informed of the superior technology and capabilities of our armed forces.

Our next chapter meeting will be held at the same time on August 8, 2008, when our guest speaker will be Bill Conroy, Executive Director, Ventura County Maritime Museum.

Closing: The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and the benediction by Gary Smith.

Respectfully submitted
Ronald D. Risley for
Robert L. Taylor, Chapter Secretary