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Minutes of the
12 September 2008 Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 12 September 2008, in the Garden Room of Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President Bill Henry, Compatriot Gary Smith giving the Invocation, which was followed by the Pledge to the Flag and the Pledge to the SAR. In attendance were seventeen compatriots: President Bill Henry, Vice President Ward White, Registrar Ron Risley, Treasurer Richard Caldwell, Past Presidents Steve Hurst, Hale Hamilton and Richard Hawley, Ed Holt, Bob Taylor, Gary Smith, David Bosworth, Burt Jacobs, Ken Lynch, Gilbert Anema, Dick McMullen, Harry Brown, associate member Garland Middleton. The twenty guests included our guest speaker, Don Ancell, portrayer of President Abraham Lincoln; applicant Lou Kreuzer; Darrel & Gwynne Jones; Vicki Schmaeman; Pati Longo (DAR); Kevin Habrown; Barbara Brown; Roy & Pat Wilhelm; Tom & Jean Nesper; and compatriots’ wives Mrs. Fran Henry, Mrs. Nancy Jacobs, Mrs. Betsy Horne, Mrs. Rosalee Middleton, Mrs. Karen Bosworth, Mrs. Rosemarie Risley, Mrs. Sunny McMullen, Mrs. Shirley Hamilton.

Reports: Reports were given by the following officers:

The Secretary Bob Taylor presented the minutes of the 8 August chapter meeting, which were approved as amended.

The Treasurer Richard Caldwell presented the treasurer‘s report, which was approved as submitted.

The Registrar Ron Risley presented the registrar’s report. Membership applications for Leonard DeWitt, Edward Gafford, Rick Manzer and Garland Middleton require additional documentation and are pending. The membership application for Louis Kreuzer II was sent to the State Registrar 16 August 2008 and is pending. NSSAR approved the membership applications for George Horne and Dr. Robert Jordan 17 June 2008 and 7 August 2008, respectively. The supplemental application for Bill Bays (patriot ancestor Col. James Robertson, TN) was approved by NSSAR 13 August 2008; while the supplemental applications for Gary Smith and Dick McMullen were submitted to NSSAR and are pending. The Youth Registration application for Garrett Colbern, grandson of compatriot Bob Colbern, was approved by NSSAR 6 September 2008.

President Henry presented and swore in Compatriot George Horne (patriot ancestor Col. George Stewart of Lancaster, PA) as a full member.

Chaplain Gary Smith had no inputs for the Chaplain’s report. Ron Risley reported Bill Hurley fell in his home, and required 7 hours of shoulder surgery a week ago. The birthdays of Harry Brown (93) and Frank Budroe (91) were recognized.

Compatriot Garland Middleton presented an award to Ron Risley, consisting of a U.S. flag that was flown over the Capitol, together with a confirming letter from Sen. Elton Gallegly.

President Henry read the appreciation letter received from Ron Risley for his award of last month. As requested, it is quoted in its entirety:

“September 5, 2008.

Dear President Henry and Members of the Patton Chapter,

May I express my sincere, heartfelt appreciation for the special recognition that you bestowed upon me at the meeting of the Chapter on August 8th.

My association with the SAR goes back to 1983, when through the Ventura County Genealogical Society, I first came into contact with Bill Melton, then the chapter registrar. Later I would find all of my proof of descent, and become a member of the SAR in August 1986 and of the Patton Chapter in December 1986.

During the nearly 22 years I have been with the Patton Chapter, I have been privileged to serve as secretary, president, treasurer (8 years), and registrar (12 years). In those years I was able to process in excess of 250 SAR membership applications. And it was my very good fortune to have the strong support and encouragement of my wife, Rosemarie, throughout all of my SAR endeavors.

In the 20 years and nine months of my membership in the Chapter I was present at 126 monthly meetings and absent at only three. At over 25 meetings of the Chapter I was the featured speaker. And at almost all of those 126 meetings I transported the flags and set them up. Also, I have been a regular participant with the chapter color guard.

During this same period I was doing a lot of other things with the some 35 lineage societies to which I belong. In several of them I served in state and national office including the SAR.

It is a fair question to ask why anyone would choose to become so involved with a particular group? First, you have to believe in the patriotic, educational and historical purposes of the SAR. Then, you have to enjoy the fellowship of the remarkable people you meet in the SAR.

The years have gone by extremely fast and looking back I do not regret all of the time, effort and expense that my activities in the SAR have required. I am convinced that the SAR is a worthy organization that deserves our support because it is an important link from the past to the present and then on to the future. I am proud to represent my 23 Patriot ancestors as I participate on their behalf in SAR activities. And I hope that my SAR service will serve as an inspiration to my fellow SAR Compatriots to become involved and to stay involved.

Again, thank you for taking the extra time and effort to recognize my contributions to the Chapter over the years.

Sincerely yours,

(signed) Ronald D. Risley, ESQ.
Former Vice President General, NSSAR”

Standing committee reports:

Development: Ron Risley restated the need for a Chapter newsletter, and circulated several examples of previous Chapter newsletters he had produced. An editor with a staff of reporters is required. President Henry emphasized the need. The website improvements were also noted, along with thanks to Compatriot Alan Buckley as the website master.

Old Business: Ron Risley reminded the Chapter the Ventura Maritime Museum operates by donations from the public, as guest speaker Bill Conroy stated last month. The Chapter approved a donation of $100 from the Chapter to the museum.

New Business: None.

Ward White presented an autographed poster of President A. Lincoln (Don Ancell) to Harry Brown, who had traveled the farthest (Northridge) to attend this meeting.

Program: Following lunch, Vice President White introduced the guest speaker, President Abraham Lincoln, as portrayed by Don Ancell. Don is a former Point Mugu electronics technician, who gives special performances in character as Abraham Lincoln. His impersonation of A. Lincoln was excellent and was well received by the Chapter. Don autographed photos following the presentation, and was presented with a certificate of appreciation by President Henry.

Closing: The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and the benediction by Gary Smith.

Respectfully submitted by,

Robert Taylor, Chapter Secretary.