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Minutes of the 11 June 2010 Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 11 June 2010, in the Garden Room of Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Bill Hurley. The Invocation was given by Chaplain Gary Smith, followed by the Pledge to the Flag, led by Cub Scout, Garrett Colbern, and the Pledge to the SAR.

In attendance were twenty Compatriots: Vice President Bill Hurley, Treasurer Bill Bays, Registrar George Horne, Genealogist Eric Stassforth, Chaplain Gary Smith, Ward White, Hale Hamilton, Dr. Bill Henry, Frank Budroe, Steve Hurst, Ron Risley, Dr. Garland Middleton, Richard McMullen, Dr. Bob Colbern, Dan Sword, Gene Cooper, Lou Krueger, Harry Brown, Richard Caldwell, and Ed Holt. The twelve guests included Carol Koch, Garrett Colbern (Compatriot Colbern’s grandson), Sam Thompson (prospective member), Mary Thompson, and Compatriots’ wives Mrs. Willie Budroe, Mrs. Rosemarie Risley, Mrs. Susan Holt, Mrs. Shirley Hamilton, Mrs. Bernie Smith, Dr. Sunny McMullen, Mrs. Rosalee Middleton, and Mrs. Elaine Colbern.



Old Business:

1. Garland Middleton, Gary Smith and Bill Hurley gave a recap of Spirit of America (SOA) awards earlier this month at their assigned schools.
2. Garland Middleton and Ron Risley covered the events at Conejo Mountain & Ivy Lawn cemeteries. Ron Risley reported that Garland Middleton was recognized for his forty years’ service with the memorial. Representing SAR at the Ivy Lawn Event were Bob Colburn, Eric Stassforth, Frank Budroe, Steve Hurst, Garland Middleton and Ron Risley.
3. There was no update re awards to DAR’s Patti Longo and Vickie Schmaeman.
4. George Horne noted the chapter roster has been updated and can be sent to most electronically or mailed to others. A show of hands revealed 3 members do not have or do not use email.
5. No one proffered any organizations who needed loaner flags at this point.
6. Ron Risley volunteered to handle getting write-ups onto the chapter website for the SOA Awards
7. No one volunteered individuals for awards. Garland Middleton noted someone who puts forth organizing flags at the cemeteries each year (didn’t catch name) as a possibility. Steve Hurst noted a need for publicity for the awards.
8. No one present was planning on attending the NSSAR meeting in Cleveland.
9. Steve Hurst reported on Best Chapter contest. He noted that we get credit for various submissions and accomplishments.
10. The BBQ in Orange County was noted

New Business:

There was no new business brought up.


Steve Hurst presented a very good program on “George Washington & Dale Carnegie” and held a drawing for George Washington’s rules book and donated the proceeds [$23.00] back to the chapter.

Next Meeting:

Respectfully submitted by,
George Horne, Acting Chapter Secretary