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Minutes of the 9 July 2010 Meeting

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the General George S. Patton, Jr., Chapter SAR was held Friday, 9 July 2010, in the Garden Room of Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Taylor. The Invocation was given by Chaplain Gary Smith, followed by the Pledge to the Flag, and the Pledge to the SAR. In attendance were sixteen Compatriots: President Robert Taylor, Registrar George Horne, Genealogist Eric Stassforth, Chaplain Gary Smith, Ward White, Hale Hamilton, Dr. Bill Henry, Frank Budroe, Steve Hurst, Ron Risley, Richard McMullen, Dan Sword, Gene Cooper, Keith Nightingale, Robert Jordan and Ken Lynch. The five guests included Vicki Schmaeman (Joel’s mother) and Compatriots’ wives Mrs. Willie Budroe, Mrs. Shirley Hamilton, Mrs. Bernie Smith and Dr. Sunny McMullen.



Old Business:

  1. The Chapter roster was distributed for review, and corrections requested
  2. The status of the Scout activity certificates was reported by Ron Risley. Total of 55 were awarded.
  3. Vicki Schmaeman reported on the awards presented by the Chapter to DAR’s Patti Longo and Vickie Schmaeman.
  4. The need for volunteers to work in the Nominating and Awards Committees was emphasized. The current list of committees was circulated, with Ward White volunteering for the Nominating Committee, Eric Stassforth for the CAR liaison, and Vicki Schmaeman for Veteran Affairs.
  5. The BBQ at the Dodds in Orange County 17 July was again announced and reservation forms were made available for those desiring to attend.
  6. Ron Risley’s SOA awards inclusion into the chapter website was noted by President Taylor.
  7. Steve Hurst reported on Best Chapter contest. He reported only 4 chapters out of 11 last year were participating.

New Business:

The Jamestowne Society meeting for 23 October at the Regency Club in Westwood was announced. Martha M. McCartney, Research Historian & Author, will be the featured speaker.


Compatriots Ron Risley, Eric Stassforth and George Horne provided a panel discussion on genealogy, titled “Genealogy and You”. The program was well received, and generated discussion and questions.

Next Meeting: Friday, 13 August 2010

Closing: The meeting was adjourned following the SAR recessional and the benediction by Chaplain Gary Smith.

Respectfully submitted by,
Robert Taylor, Acting Chapter Secretary